April 5, 2021

Sex-Toy Piñata

Sex-Toy Piñata
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S4E104: Sex-Toy Piñata 

 Discussions about the anniversary of Kurt’s death, Corpsegrinder gets owned by Cher, the magic of outsider music, backronyms (oooooookay), viral Grim moments, and heavy metal for the filthy earballs. 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Special Thanks to: 

Yawning Earth, SONG: Life Inside the Biosphere(Black Spark Records)

Ice Queen, SONG: Hypothermia 

VON, SONG: Architects of Death 

Ungfell, SONG: Mord im Tobel (Wie e Beschuldigti gfoltered wir(Translate: Murder in the Tobel – as we are accused, we are tortured) 

Grandma’s Pantry: Substance, SONG: Suppressed  

Phlegmlord, SONG: Found in a Septic Tank(Sevared Records)

Sinoath, SONG: All My Thoughts(Hessian Firm

Sulphurous, SONG: Encircling Darkness 

Journey Into Darkness, SONG: To be Human Is To Be Inhuman 

Pain Field, SONG: Shattered World