May 3, 2021

Short and Sloppy

Short and Sloppy

S5E108: Short and Sloppy 

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 Hang out with Grims for a short time this week. Plans fell through so we improvised with kick ass facts, uncommon questions, other chatter, and of course metal for your filthy earballs! 

 Special Thanks to: 

Anthropic, SONG: (D)evolution 

Foaming at the Mouth, SONG: Rise of Disease 

Moral Collapse, SONG: Abandoned Rooms of Misspelled Agony 

Wheel, SONG: After All 

Grandma’s Pantry: Loss for Words, Elmira, SONGs: Harsh Reality, Metal Games 

Odal, SONG: Der kalte Nachte Atem (The Cold Night Breathes – track 4)  

WinterMoonShade, SONG: Legends & Mist 

Fermentor, SONG: Mechanism