Sept. 20, 2020

Smoking Scorpions & Hallucinating; Jenkum Style

Smoking Scorpions & Hallucinating; Jenkum Style

 S3E76: Smoking Scorpions & Hallucinating Jenkum Style 

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Smoking Scorpions, Hallucinating; Jenkum Style, Spelling Atrocities, The Ballad of John Jones, Gramma’s Polish Sister, Olga......What does this all mean? Have a listen! As always, an array of metal for your filthy earballs from our local scene and across the globe. 

 Special Thanks to: 

Contrarian, SONG: In a Blink of an Eye 

The Lucifer Device, SONG: Niburu Killer 

Insurreal: SONG: Untold World 

Purification, Doom, OR, SONG: Opium Blade 

Grandma’s Pantry: Infernal Maze, SONG: Epoch of the Dead 1999 Demo 

Gravehuffer, SONG: Ghost Dance  

Drift Into Black: SONG: Washed Away  

Skullhunter’s Diary, SONG: The Final Flight 

Zorya, SONG: Tree of Life 

Body Stacker, SONG: The Time-Honored Tradition of Human Sacrifice