Feb. 27, 2023

Soup is Not Food

Soup is Not Food

S8E202: Soup is Not Food -

A new dating app for the metalheads (don’t get too excited), sonic booms and downed trees, iPhone dots and their meaning, the great galaxy findings, the balloon boy, millennial and Gen Z’er struggles, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! 

*Available on your favorite streaming service*   

Special Thanks to: 

Crown Conscious, SONG: Intense Blank Stare, 

Street Feet, SONG: Dismantled Obelisk 

Diseased Earth, SONG: New Jack Cocaine Binge 

Illuminated Void, SONG: Virgo Lucifera 

Ramchat, SONG: Mreli 

Grandma’s Pantry: Wehrmacht, SONG: Napalm Shower (Glorious Times Compilation I) 

Fugit, SONG: Starburst 

Tyrant, SONG: Pray for the Night 

Oblivion Throne, SONG: Voidgazer  

Greybeard, SONG: 1,000 Years of Night  

Astriferous, SONG: Teleport Haze  

Thaumaturgy, SONG: Blood of Ageless Serpent