Nov. 1, 2021

Support Bacteria!

Support Bacteria!

S6E134: Support Bacteria! 

Total normal American Halloween traditions, project work sucks, update on the Iron Maiden loving principle, chats about shows we went to this weekend, most likely to.. 

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Special Thanks to: 

Ancalagon, SONG: Track 2 

Sunflo’er, SONG: Dead Letter Sent 

Needless, SONG: The Cosmic Cauldron 

Demolizer, SONG: Ghoul  

Grandma: Blitzkrieg, Fly Through the Sky 

Paydretz, SONG: le Serment Des Chefs  

Phrenelith, SONG: Chimaerian Offspring Part II  

Mega Colossus, SONG: Razor City 

Bloodphemy, SONG: Bloodborne  

Creeping Flesh, SONG: Flaktürme