Aug. 16, 2021

Svart, Why Are You Like This?

Svart, Why Are You Like This?

S5E123: Svart, Why Are You Like This? 

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Interesting ‘these days’, and a special treat! Svart Atlas (Popper) and Lightning come for a visit just days before their nuptials! Hang out with us as attempt to explore how Svart snags a cool ass therapist clearly out of his league (kidding Svart, we love you). Metal for your filthy earballs. 

Special Thanks to: 

Elusive Travel, SONG: Nights 

Pissing Match, SONGs: Truck Nuts, Civilian Life 

Immolation, SONG: Christ's Cage  

Diskord, SONG: Bionic Tomb Eternal 

Wharflurch, SONG: Celestial Mycelium 

Grandma’s Pantry, SONG: Braced For Nails - I' The Obscenity