July 18, 2022

Taste the Misophonia Rainbow

Taste the Misophonia Rainbow

S7E170: Taste the Misophonia Rainbow 

Grim talks about national days, Immolation’s Dawn of Possession’s 31stbday, Donald’s lack of pantaloons does not go unnoticed, bagel heads and toxic skittles, does the dog die dot com, the introduction of 988 (for mental health support) and a very special happy birthday to one of our favorite humans – Chris Hargrave! Those Miller Lights are causing brain damage…or are they?! 

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Special Thanks to: 

Enclosure, Ithaca, SONG: Immaterial Apostasy (Relent into Power)  

Mutilate, Ithaca, SONG: Arrogance Obscene 

Lord of Horns, SONG: The Screaming Woods 


No Return, SONG: The Only One 

Grandma’s Pantry:  Warhead Rising, SONG: Burning Out on the Run 

Vrenth, SONG: Omnipresence  

Rotheads, SONG: Gut Mauled 

Gravehuffer, SONG: Ghost Dance 

Mimoriam, SONG: Invocation of the Nameless One  

Alone, SONG: Useless Existence  

Peace Killers, SONG: Pendulum