Nov. 7, 2022

The Girl with Colitis Goes By

The Girl with Colitis Goes By

S7E186: The Girl with Colitis Goes By -

Catching up on the week, this day in History and Music, a mayor having a bad day, a discussion on mondegreen, a way long story about eggs, fads from around the world, and heavy metal for your filthy earballs! 

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Special Thanks to:  

Ritual Atrophy, SONG: Towers Raised on Hills of Unearned Wealth  

Stormruler, SONG: Sacred Rites & Black Magick  

Perversion, SONG: Decapitator  

Doomsayer, SONG: Book of Lies  

Grandma’s Pantry, Condemned, SONG: Negative Response 

Antropofagus, SONG: Downward the Spiral 

Ominous Scriptures, SONG: Demonic Totem I am  

Graveripper, SONG: Night Frozen Black 

Altar of Gore, SONG: Foul Dwellers in the Sacrificial Pits  

Devenial Verdict, SONG: Ash Blind 

Catalyst, SONG; Worms And Locusts 

Runaway, SONG: Abandono  (Outro Mercyful fate - Melissa)