Sept. 13, 2020

The Night of the Cobra (w/ Christian Larson)

The Night of the Cobra (w/ Christian Larson)
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S3E75: The Night of the Cobra (w/ Christian Larson) 

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Grim chats with Christian Larson (Venomous Maximus, Eternal Champion, Night Cobra, Necrofier) about past / current projects, music, concert promotion, Edward Bernays, Houston, and investing in records based on artwork (who hasn’t?!).  

Special Thanks to: 

Black Usurper, SONG:Hallo Morgensonne:  

Fatal Curse, SONG:Priestess of Fire:  

Night Cobra, SONG: Escape from Earth:  

Helstar, SONG: Black Wings of Solitude:  

Necrofier, SONG: Raise the Dead: 

Background Music this episode:
Thank you always Barak Tor for the awesome dungeon synth!