Feb. 15, 2021

The Old VD Clown

The Old VD Clown

S4E97:  The Old VD Clown 

 Grim treats everyone to a poem recital, some VD chatter, contemplates jealousy, discusses fears (or lack of), amusing Craiglist ads, and plays metal for those filthy earballs! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Darkened Divinity, SONG: Love Like a Dying Star 

Local: Skodag, SONG: Symbolize My Hate 

Imperial Triumphant, SONG: Oblivion in Morsels 

Kankar, SONG: Zerfall des Lichts 

Grandma’s Pantry:  Vomitory, SONG: Untouchable Challenge 

Purification, SONG: The Second Coming 

Pyrrhon, SONG: Down at Liberty Ashes 

Soulwound, SONG: The Cult of I 

Wharflurch, SONG: Sealing the Bore 

Solbrud, SONG: Øde Lagt