Oct. 18, 2020

The Path of Left-Handery

The Path of Left-Handery

S4E80: The Path of Left-Handery 

Episode 80 features fishing fun, first home computers, what it means to be a lefty, a review of top death metal albums since 1985, and metal for those filthy earballs of yours! 

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Special Thanks to: 

Undeath, SONG: Lord of the Grave  

Close To Nothing, SONG: Banished 

Liquid Flesh, SONG: Chair Liquide 

Act of Impalement, SONG: Smoldering out our Existence 

Inhuman, SONG: The Poisoned  

Grandma’s Pantry: Girdle, SONG: Ass Breath 

The Hopewell Furnace,SONG: Insidious Bliss 

Bravura, SONG: The Great Wave 

Casketmaker, SONG: Blackout