June 14, 2021

Tommy Stewart’s Big Toe Traveling Pants

Tommy Stewart’s Big Toe Traveling Pants
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S5E114: Tommy Stewart’s Big Toe Traveling Pants 

 Grims had the grand opportunity to catch up with Tommy Stewart (Hallow’s Eve, Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf, Negative Wall, owner of Black Doomba Records) on all things…well…Tommy Stewart! His latest upcoming release, new bands signed to the label, upcoming shows and festivals, with a sprinkle of everyday life! 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Special Thanks to: 

Astral Moon, doom, Rochester NY, SONG: Codex Gigas (Astral Necromancy – June 21, 2021) 

Tommy StewartBlack Doomba Records 

Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf, SONG: Shadow in the Well (off upcoming Doomsday Deferred) 

Drift Into Black, SONG: Burial Gown 

DayGlo Mourning, SONG: Dead Star