Oct. 11, 2020

Tribute to EVH - Weaving the Brown Sound

Tribute to EVH - Weaving the Brown Sound

S4E79:Tribute to EVH - Weaving the Brown Sound

This week, Grim pays tribute to a legend, an icon, an inspiration – Eddie Van Halen – in a unique way. Stayed tuned to listen to underground covers and metal for those earballs!  

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Special Thanks to: 

Numenorean Sun, SONG: The Fall of Gil-Galad – released 10/6 

Lich King, SONG: Hot For Teacher 

Mos Generator, SONG: Light Up The Sky 

Wulfhook, SONG: Atomic Punk 

Dr. Sin, SONG: Somebody Get Me a Doctor 

Frozen, SONG: Jump 

Roadsaw, SONG: Outta Love Again 

Sam Black Church, SONG: Romeo Delight 

and of course; Eddie Van Halen (January 26, 1955 – October 6, 2020)