April 19, 2021

VON :The Artistic Blood of VENIEN

VON :The Artistic Blood of VENIEN

S5E106: VON - The Artistic Blood of VENIEN 

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 Sit down and strap in with us as we talk to Jason Ventura (aka VENIEN);musician, creator of the black metal band VON, Von Records (2006-2009) &vVurMzflessshhh Publishing (2014-present), illustrator, writer, and family man. Jason explains the meaning and purpose of VENIEN, what his works mean to him, inspirations and accomplishments, what he’s currently up to, and his love for the desert! Black metal for the soul! 

Special Thanks to: 

Krauhl, SONG: The Rougarou 

Jason Ventura 

VON, SONGS: Satanic Blood& Lamb (Satanic Blood), Rituals of the Black Mass (Dark Gods - Birth of the Architects), Burn (Rarities Compilation) 

vVurMzflessshhh Publishing