Aug. 22, 2022

WereGnome Records

WereGnome Records

S7E175: WereGnome Records  - 

 Is it a werewolf? Is it a Gnome?! It’s a WereGnome! Hang with us as we chat with the lovely duo behind Covid-born record label WereGnome. We learn how the label unfolded, the goals they set, different styles they focus on, bringing dead media to life, and what’s next. Ever wonder how you dive into the world of Dungeon Synth? We got your answer! This ain’t a hardcore show, kids! 

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 Special Thanks to: 

Astral Moon, SONG: Nuclear Sarcophagus 

Warlock Corpse, SONG: Deadly Choice 

Gonemage, SONG: Handheld Demise 

WereGnome (Nicholas & Selena) 

Glyph, SONG: Of the Cinders 

Sprites of the Wood, SONG: The Nimble Gnome’s Theme 

Aphelion, SONG: Old Ghosts 

Maiden Hair, SONG: The Terrible  

 Background music provided by Hermit Knight