Aug. 23, 2020

Wildly Unprepared

Wildly Unprepared
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S3E72: Wildly Unprepared 

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Grim flies by the seat of their pants this week. Wildly unprepared, but we talk nonsense and play really cool metal for those filthy earballs. Isn’t that enough?!  

Special Thanks to: 

Sulaco, SONG: Warning Signs: 

Shadowborn, SONG: Blood Moon: 

Slugbeast, SONG: Headless Eyes: 

Double Horse, SONG: Psychomania: 

Grandma’s Pantry: RASP, SONG: Complete 

Morbid Prophecy, SONG: Prisoner of Life: 

Ancient Gate, SONG: Forsaken Realms:, 

Messiah, SONG: My Flesh – Your Soul: 

Onslaught, SONG:All Seeing Eye: