April 3, 2023

You CAN Have Fun w/ Glen Cummings (Ludichrist/Scatterbrain/Stone Deep)

You CAN Have Fun w/ Glen Cummings (Ludichrist/Scatterbrain/Stone Deep)
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S8E207: You CAN Have Fun w/ Glen Cummings

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Tune in for an easy-listening chat with Glen Cummings. We dive into the history of how he came to be one of the guitarists of Ludichrist, the birth and direction of Scatterbrain, and discuss his TN born band, Stone Deep. We even learn the origins of "You Can't Have Fun" and what the band was called before Ludichrist, along with the backstory of the covers they performed. We also learn what Glen has been up to professionally and what he would be up to if he was a conman. You ever wonder who Swami Swami Swami is? We have your answer!

Special Thanks to: 

Citizens Against People, SONG: Murder Me America

Moment of Truth, SONG: Sick People

Glenn Cummings

Ludrichrist, SONGs: God is Everywhere, You Can't Have Fun

Scatterbrain, SONGs: Mozart Sonata #3 (cover)

Stone Deep, SONG: Faces of Death