June 1, 2020

You Ripped My Balls w/ Atomic Gas!

You Ripped My Balls w/ Atomic Gas!

S3E60: You Ripped My Balls w/ Atomic Gas!  

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Grim reminisces about the ‘old days’; Ben’s hallucinations and ripped balls,and that time there was a dead animal under the trailer, reminds everyone that there was a Harlem Tiger King, debuts Grandma’s Pantry, and of course we play brutal metal for your ear balls!  


Hallucination Realized, SONG: Liberated by Submission, https://www.facebook.com/Hallucinationrealized/ 

Ebony Sorrow, SONG: The Blood Shall Mirror the Soul, https://www.facebook.com/ebonysorrow/ 

Chelseigh, SONG: Self Realization and its Visceral Disappointment, https://www.facebook.com/chelseighband/ 

ScumFire, SONG:The Machine, https://scumfire.bandcamp.com/ 

Dead Head, SONG: Sunshine, https://www.facebook.com/Deadheadthrash/ 

Graves of Giants, SONG: Chernobyl Circus, https://www.facebook.com/gravesofgiants/ 

Haunt, SONG: Spend a Fortune, https://www.facebook.com/hauntthenation/ 

Dust Bolt, SONG: Chaos Possession, https://www.facebook.com/dustbolt/ 

Embrace of Thorns, SONG: Stoking the Fire of Resentment, https://www.facebook.com/EmbraceOfThorns/ 

Frozen Dreams, SONG: Awaken the Darkness, https://www.facebook.com/Frozendreamsofficial/ 

Grandma’s Pantry Special Guest: Windbreed, thank you Chris Dalcin.