Aug. 23, 2021

Your Anger Can’t Cook

Your Anger Can’t Cook

S5E124: Your Anger Can’t Cook 

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 Back to Grim basics; this day in history, small talk about our week and the brutality of mosquitoes, where to go to murder, and metal for your filthy earballs! 

 Special Thanks to: 

Lungtoucher, SONG: Carcosa  

Yanari, SONG: Faith Inverter  

Boar Taint, SONG: Tainted for Life 

Cardiac Arrest, SONG: Robbing the Crypts  

Crystal Coffin, SONG: The Starway Eternal  

Killing, SONG: Before the Violence  

Diabolisches Werk, SONG: False Flag  

Grammy’s Pantry, Sanctum, SONG: Chamber of the Ages 

TARDUS MORTEM, SONG: From Heaven's Throne Thee Bring Forth Death  

LE CHANT NOIR, SONG: Prière à Satan 

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