Oct. 10, 2022

You’re My Cherry Pie!

You’re My Cherry Pie!

S7E182: You’re My Cherry Pie! 

 *Available on your favorite streaming service*  

 Some show announcements, cherry pie abuse, a cheese grating concert goer, and a plethora of new music! 

 Special Thanks to: 

 Goblin Hovel, SONG: The Red Ones Go Faster 

Cadaverous Infest, SONG: Burning Black Souls 

Congealed Putrescence, SONG: Advection 

Appalling, SONG: Father Inferior  

Rigorous Institution, SONG: Criminal Betrayers 

False Figure, SONG: Possession  

Karg, SONG: Grab der Wellen  

Acid Blade, SONG: Moonless Night  

Chestcrush, SONG: Misery.Decline.Death. 

Ofdrykkja, SONG: The Maere  

Out of the Mouths of Graves, SONG: The Void Enveloping