Oct. 4, 2021

You’re Stupider!

You’re Stupider!

S5E130: You’re Stupider!  

SUPER interesting this day in History facts, Decibel fest ramblings, uncommon questions, and event re-dos. Ken’s Mom "requests" Grandma’s Pantry this week! Nerdy science talk about heavy metal for your filthy earballs! 

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Special Thanks to: 

Moment of Truth, SONG: Knuckle Up 

Gates of Paradox, SONG: End of Time 

Cetragore, SONG: Internal Devourment 

Detest, SONG: Start All Over  

Grandma’s Pantry, Fledging Death, SONG: I f*cked Your Girlfriend 

Azothyst, SONG: Rites of Ascendancy  

Fiat Nox, SONG: Amok Hymn  

Chronicle, SONG: Born From a Coffin Womb 

Outre-Tombe, SONG: Abysse Mortifere