Jan. 18, 2021

Grim Rewind Take I

Grim Rewind Take I
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S4E93: Grim Rewind Take I 

Grim has a blast revisiting some past episode excerpts for the first time and melting faces with metal. Cheers! 

*Available on your favorite streaming service*  

Special Thanks to: 

Barrett Amiss @ Sevared Records. Original Episode:https://www.grim-dystopian.com/barrett-awakes-for-brutal-death-metal/  

Grieve, SONG: Drowning in Purulence  

Fatal Curse, SONG: Blade in the Dark. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/portrait-of-the-pharoahs-an-evening-with-fatal-curse/  

Tommy Stewart, Negative Wall, SONG: Mater Saeva Kp22. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/tommy-stewart-founder-of-the-legendary-hallows-eve-or-hollow-eye/  

Erik Burke & Erin Gibbs, Distorted Mosquito, SONG: Then Don’t. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/erik-burke-floating-in-the-concrete-of-2020/  

Grandma’s Pantry, Rigor Mortis, SONG: Warriors of Doom 

Immolation, SONG: When the Jackals Come. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/immolationprospect-retrospect-aggregation-w-ross-bob/  

Danny Lilker, Blurring, SONG: Corpse Rat. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/dan-lilker-pt-1-the-piano-is-under-the-dinosaur/  

Danny Nelson, Malignancy, SONG: Cataclysmic Euphoria. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/grim-sevared-malignancy-intrauterine-disaster/  

Hessian firm. Mefitis, SONG: Witherways. Original Episode: https://www.grim-dystopian.com/hessian-firm-france/